BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code

BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code

WHO is BEYOND Stores

Beyond Stores is the premier internet eCommerce destination for value priced home furnishings and other home goods. are in the business of giving our customers — and affiliates — easy online access to a large selection of furniture, home furnishings, and decor in one place.

BEYOND Stores was started by partnering furniture retailers, online experts, IT wizards and a large equity fund. BEYOND Stores' goal is to differentiate ourselves by providing outstanding service, provide the top level of security for our customers, and make shopping on our site easy and pleasurable. We welcome and encourage customer feedback so that we may better our operations.

BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code

WHY buy from BEYOND Stores

At BEYOND Stores, we recognize that you, the consumer, have many options of online retailers to make your purchase. This is why we have taken steps to make sure that the following criteria is met.
  • Shop Securely - We have invested in one of the most secure online resources to protect your identity while shopping on our site. We use a 128 bit SSL encryption in our secure checkout to make sure that your information is protected.
  • Competitive Pricing - We strive to make sure that our products are sold below market rate. Customers have the option of sending in a price match request on the BEYOND Stores website, and we will do our best to match or beat the price as long as it will not compromise our service level.
  • Best in Customer Service - We take customer service very seriously at BEYOND Stores. All of our staff is trained to provide attentive, intuitive customer service. We take your feedback very seriously and use that to continue to train and improve our staff.
  • Hassle-Free Return Policy - If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase, we will accept the return within 30 days, no questions asked. Please go to our standard Return Policy to read specific details on the process.
  • Large Selection of Items - Unlike brick and mortar stores who are limited by space, we have the ability to sell an unlimited amount of products. However, our merchandising staff carefully analyzes each vendor to make sure that they are consumer-friendly. After passing this test, they are selected to be featured on our website.
BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code beyondstores coupon code

BEYOND Stores Coupon Code

- Beyond Stores offers specialty high quality home furniture at unbeatable prices and FREE SHIPPING. Get brand names in home decor for less today!

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Save up to 11% with these current Beyond Stores coupons 2015. The latest coupon codes at Here! BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code  

BEYOND Stores Benefits

  • No Sales Tax (except FL) - BEYOND Stores does not charge sales tax to any of our customers except for shipments going to FL (where we are located)
  • Beyond Stores FREE Shipping - BEYOND Stores is proud to offer free shipping for all of our customers who live in the Continental USA and also Canada. If you live outside of these areas, please contact us for a shipping quote.
  • Beyond Stores Make An Offer
PriceWaiter is an advanced technology offered on our site that empowers our customers to name their price for our products. Through this technology, we are able to easily and efficiently agree with you on a reduced price for our already discounted top quality offerings. Our beta program, backed by industry leading security and convenience, will help you to easily purchase the item you're looking for at a price that fits your budget. Simply name your price and shortly afterwards one of representatives will respond to your offer. When you are ready to purchase your accepted or countered offer, follow the link in your PriceWaiter email. You will complete the purchase with PriceWaiter and may pay with your credit card or through PayPal. We will then process your order and you will soon have your item at your price. If you are interested in multiple items, you may submit an offer for each item. You would then purchase them individually and we would consolidate your shipment, if originating from the same warehouse, for your convenience. Remember, to use PriceWaiter you make an offer from the product page. Click on the Make an Offer button or text link on a product page then simply enter your price and email and your offer is submitted. Details
  • Applies only to addresses in continental US
  • Cannot combine with other coupons or offers
BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code

BEYOND Stores Discount Coupons

- Beyond Stores offers specialty high quality home furniture at unbeatable prices and FREE SHIPPING. Get brand names in home decor for less today!

- Save up to 5-11% with these current BeyondStores coupon codes 2015. The latest coupon codes at HERE!

Get a coupon code and save more money! The latest coupon codes at Here! BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code  

BEYOND Stores Customer Reviews

"I am very pleased with the customer service at beyond Stores. I ordered a coffee table. The screws were rusty. I called and after a week Manufacture send the wrong screws. Then Beyond Stores offered 3 options. One was if I find the screws myself they give me $75 refund. We had to search around but finally we found it in specialty store. During the whole time all the representatives were professional and helpful. One negative thing I have to say that if you don't like your item, it would cost you too much to return it specially if it is a large item; restocking fee and shipping both ways. So make sure you want what you order. I don't like their return policy, and next time will think twice before I order from them. But I really like their Make An Offer feature. I could get some discount from it. But you have to respond to them very quickly. Overall I was happy with the quality and service from this online store."
"My items were delivered in great condition. I love the 2 desks but a little discouraged w/the wedge. I was expecting l-shaped. But overall happy and I would recommend this 3 piece desk set to friends"
"Everything is excellent except with BeyondStores we always have 50$ of broker fees on top of the custom fees. It makes it really expensive to order from BeyondStores. Ordering online from US resellers always have custom fees of course but only BeyondStores have these extra broker fees so we order only when we can't find the item we want anywhere else." "bought this beautiful canope bed for my granddaughter and couldn't be happier!"  
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BEYOND Stores Reviews & Coupon Code

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