Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier Reviews

  The Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier, quiet and effective, is best for master bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Designed for rooms up to 365 square feet and to fit beautifully into your home decor
  • Highly efficient HEPASilent® technology captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 240 cubic feet per minute with five room air changes per hour
  • Winner of Excellent Swedish Design award and a permanent spot in Stockholm's National Design Museum
  • Includes a magnetic filter timer to alert you when the filter needs changing
  • Best for allergies and asthma
  • For rooms up to 365 sq. ft.
  • Available in white only
  • Manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty
  • Energy Star Certified

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Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier Description

A Best seller, the Blueair 403 air purifier gets you the most bang for your buck by maximizing clean air delivery in mid-size rooms up to 365 square feet. Independently tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) for Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the Blueair 403 has a rating of 240 cubic feet per minute for smoke, dust, and pollen with a superior 5 air changes an hour. Blueair 403 is whisper-silent on low and delivers designed white noise on higher speeds by using a double-suction radial fan to balance sound frequency making it more pleasing to the ear.

Blueair’s patented HEPASilent® technology uses both electrostatic and mechanical filtration to trap 99.97% of particles from the air down to 0.1 microns in size. The technology works by charging harmful particles as they pass through the encapsulated ion particle-charging chamber of the air purifier, successfully locking in particles large and small into the unique filter design. The Blueair 403 air purifier comes with a timer to alert you when your filter needs changing. The timer can be attached to the unit, refrigerator, or anywhere else. Simply open the door on the front of your Blueair 403 unit to change the filter. Weighing in at 33 lbs, the Blueair 403 features a handle, so you can move your air purifier around your home or office with ease.

Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier Features

  • Max Coverage Area: 365 square feet
  • Air Exchange Rate: Five times per hour
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): Smoke - 240; Dust - 240; Pollen - 240
  • Unit Size: 23" high x 20" wide x 11" deep
  • Weight: 33 lbs
  • Power Consumption: 35 watts on low; 80 watts on high
  • Power Voltage: 115V
  • Noise Levels: 32 dB on low; 52 dB on high
  • CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute): 75 CFM on low; 280 CFM on high
  • HEPA Filter: Change every 6-12 months, depending on use
  • Metal Housing ensures no plastic vapors
  • Energy Star Qualified



Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier Customer Reviews

Great quiet air purifier
Some of the online specs are misleading. The Blueair 403 unit (at least the one I received) actually has 4 speeds, just like the Blueair 402! Even the manufacturer's own website as of this review lists it as having only 3 speeds. The only difference between the 402 and 403 is that the 403 comes with a small electronic timer that is magnetic (you can put it on your refrigerator or on the Blueair unit itself) which shows you when 6 months are up and it's time to replace the filter. This is handy, but not really needed. So, if you can still find a 402 (now discontinued) for a good price, I'd recommend you grab it! This is a great unit but it is a bit larger than I expected. If you have a small bedroom or office, it may look a bit imposing. It runs very quiet at the two lowest settings and even at the third setting, I found the sound soothing enough to sleep with. In fact, the first night I had it, I put it on the 3 speed setting and found the sound quiet nice and relaxing. It works very well and is more efficient and quieter than smaller units. The design is also more proven; I compared it with a smaller unit (the 250E) and the 403 works a lot better for a number of reasons (better filter, it pre-charges the particles so that they stick to the filter, and has a larger, thicker filter). The 403 also has a deeper, more soothing and relaxing sound than the smaller unit. Because of the design, you can put things like books on top of it if you want to since it takes in and outputs air from the sides. You can also place it against a wall, something you cannot really do with the smaller 250E unit as it has the filter on the back and outputs air out the top.
Quiet Enery Efficient and it Works!
By P.W. 
I should start with the fact that everyone in our household has allergies, even the dog I think, but that had not been confirmed. Currently we have the Blueair units in all the bedrooms and family room. The best thing about Blueair units is they work! We really feel a difference. Before getting Blueair my wife was not able to sleep thru the night. She would get congested and her throat would get dry so she kept waking up to drink water. Whatever was giving her trouble is now gone from the air and she is finally able to get a good nights sleep. Outside the fact that this unit cleans the air, I do also like that it is steel construction ( I did a lot of research and that is hard to find), its quiet!!!, and its energy efficient. As for warranty, the warranty card says mail in for free 5 year warranty.
Solid construction, energy efficient, and truly quiet
By David 
When my allergist advised I put an air purifier in the bedroom, I wondered how I could find something quiet enough to fall asleep with. He recommended the Honeywells for their air quality, but reviews indicated these were pretty loud. So, I first purchased the Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier (AP51030K) based on Consumer Reports and Amazon reviews. From the moment I turned it on, I knew there was no way could I fall asleep with that in the room. Even on the lowest setting, it is quite loud: I could hear it just fine from 30 feet away in another room, through two open doors. In addition, it uses a lot of electricity - about 60 watts on the lowest setting. Finally, construction is a bit cheap: plastic and styrofoam. Further research pointed to the Blueair series as quiet and energy efficient. Of these, the Blueair 403 is ranked the quietest. I ordered it and am very happy. It is extremely quiet on its lowest setting - just barely audible from 8 feet away in bed - and uses only 20 watts on the lowest setting. It's solidly constructed of metal, and well worth the higher price vs. the Whirlpool. Regarding the Blueair 503, which I haven't tried: The 503 seems to be a better deal (just a little more expensive, rated for 50% more space, and - surprisingly - cheaper filter replacements). But the 403 is rated much quieter (27db vs 35db on lowest setting). I am considering getting the 503 for the living areas, which are larger and where noise is less of an issue. Bottom Line: I love the Blueair 403 in my bedroom. The unit is quite large (11d x 20w x 23h), but well worth the space and price - given its silence, energy efficiency and stylish construction.
Air purifier
Like the compact design of the machine and the fact that it runs very quitely. I have bad allergies all year round so am always looking for ways to make them better without adding more meds. This helps with my allergies so Ican get a better nights sleep.
What a relief!
I have the BlueAir 403 Air Purifier set up in my bedroom. My allergies have been getting worse with age. This device makes me forget about that while I sleep. I feel great after being able to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Combine the BlueAir 403 Air Purifier with a neti pot and this is a winning combination. Thank you BlueAir!
 Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier Warranty
  • Manufacturer's Five Year Limited Warranty
  • Manufacturer's Extendable Limited Lifetime Warranty
Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier Reviews
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Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier Reviews

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