BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes

BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes


Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor Furniture (BSEID Furniture) is an unique home furnishing website where trendy meets function, classic meets comfort and re-purposing meets upscale. FREE design advice. Unparalleled customer service. BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes

It has been an amazing ride for owner and designer Barbara Murtagh Nash and her boutique design firm affectionately named, “Blue Sky Environments”. After many successful years of interior décor, Nash has launched a smashing 2,500 square foot showroom with an additional 4,000 square feet to accommodate design studios and corporate offices. Once known for its smaller gallery hosting a limited amount of interior furnishings, Nash has spread her wings into a beautiful variety of gifts and accessories developing a greatly expanded retail operation and unique array of services. The new space features a large selection of unusual furniture, art, mirrors, elegant lighting, decorative accessories, antiques, consignment pieces, fine gifts, linens, handbags and great costume jewelry. Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor has taken great design on the road to New York, California, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Iowa and throughout Florida.

At Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor we pride ourselves on outstanding, state of the art design and excellent customer service. Our showroom offers daily designer on call and an amazing sales staff to assist with items for the home or lovely gift ideas. En español, por favor… Nuestro equipo de profesionales incluye diseñadores bilingües con más de 20 años


BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes

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BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes

BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes
Accessories are the period at the end of the sentence. Better yet, the exclamation point!At BSEID, no space is complete without well appointed accessories to create the final statement. This unique service offers accessory design at an awesome rate. It includes an in-home consultation to assess the space anddetermine the perfect pieces to complete the look. From our website or any of our hundreds of resources, designers select decorative items, artwork, lighting, mirrors, pillows, etc… We then incorporate the new items mixed with the clients keepsakes while the room undergoes a complete makeover.
This service is also available to our distant BSEID customers! Send us a few pictures and we’ll make suggestions and selections including drawings of final look.
Our most popular service and most efficient!BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes
Abbreviated offers ten full hours of BSEID design time allocated to whatever your heart desires. Tap into our expertise to get answers to those critical design questions, unfinished loose ends, window treatments, paint colors or on-site advice. Considering a new kitchen or bathroom? You’d be amazed at how in just ten hours; our team can design the space including cabinets, tile/flooring, counter tops, plumbing fixtures and wall covering! Just leave it in our hands… we’ll rise to the challenge!
The wish list is prioritized by you and efficiently execute by our talented team.
BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes
BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes
Sometimes even the re-arranging of furniture or a fresh pop of color can add great appeal to your home for sale!!Our team of professional eyes can make suggestions to improve the marketability of your home by creating a practical space plan and the strategic appointment of art and accessories. We provide the client with the prefect plan to preview their home in its top form for excellent real estate value.
We love to de-clutter, suggest new storage ideas and create great flow throughout the entire space. You’ll enjoy so much what we do… maybe you won’t want to move!
Windows are to designer as canvas to an artist.BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes
This service includes fabric, trim, hardware selection, creative design drawings and solutions to even the most complicated windows of all shapes and sizes. Elegant valences, out of the ordinary cornices and stunning side panels have earned our right to call BSEID window treatments works of art! Our team includes the finest of installers who pay impeccable attention to every detail. Hire us by the window, the room or the entire space. This service is affordable and available locally or long distance. Just send us your photos and basic dimensions… we’ll take it from there!
Our library also features a large selection of privacy treatments including wood shutters/blinds, woven’s and designer screens.
BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes
Completely virtual! This service is ideal for the long distance or local client. Within just a few weeks, a full design package will be mailed to you! Our designers will assemble a presentation right to your door step. Follow the inspirational materials to complete your own makeover. Sound exciting?... Click below for further information on how this all works:
Learn More... CLICK HERE!BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes
BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon CodesOur design staff is available by the hour for a variety of short term services including paint consultations, on-site visits and retail shopping.
The sky is the limit!
Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor

Barbara Murtagh Nash – Founder of Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor

Barbara Murtagh Nash Interviews with Barbara Murtagh Nash by ideamensch Always loving to create, Barbara Murtagh Nash had a passion for design from a young age.  “I used to drive with my parents to my grandmother’s house and see old rundown farmhouses in the country. I would imagine what I could do to them and how it would look if I changed the porch or moved the windows or even just painted.” Murtagh Nash graduated from Penn State, took graduate classes at University of Miami, Broward College and the Art Institute and then began working at a small interior design firm in Coral Springs, Florida.  Fast forward 15 years and Blue Sky Environments was conceived as a multi-disciplined interior décor firm and retail showroom. The small boutique firm has taken on projects of all sizes, conducted design seminars for the public, hosted many charity events and has been featured in local and national magazines.

What are you working on right now?

Residential clients that have projects of all sizes, from a bath to a whole house.

Where did the idea for Blue Sky Environments come from?

I had been wanting to start my own firm, but once it came time, I did not know what to call it. Then I remembered a children’s book that I read to my kids about the importance of blue skies and having a sunny attitude in everyday life, so I named my company Blue Sky Environments.  My children’s names are Brian, Stephen and Erin so there is also  a very personal correlation.

What does your typical day look like?

My job is never boring because there is no typical day.  It can be everything from designing for a client, working on the website and shopping cart, problem solving, shopping for or with a client, visiting a construction site or all of the above.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Ideas come to life when you are explaining to the client how their spaces will look but what really makes it happen for them is when their rooms are installed with all your ideas and passion.

What’s one trend that really excites you?

I like to be inspired by trends but I try not to follow them.  I prefer timeless interiors with a twist.  I believe in the “anything can work in a space” attitude as long as you do it well and don’t overdo it!

What was the worst job you ever had and what did you learn from it?

I am not sure that I ever had a “worst job” but I learn from every job I do.  No two jobs are alike, therefore you MUST take a certain learning curve away from every project.  If I didn’t, then shame on me.

If you were to start again, what would you do differently?

Technology is so important at this point, so I would have a better understanding of it from the beginning.

What is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?

Put yourself in your client’s space. If you ever are in doubt as to how to handle something, think how you would feel.  This will give you the best answer.

What is one business idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

Set objectives for your clients.  It is easy to get scattered when you are doing a project that has many facets.

What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

I am a spiritual girl. Our world is missing so much love, therefore, I would recommend the Bible, the Torah or personal spiritual path reading. Resource: BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes Bseid,,, bseid furniture, bseid reviews, bseid review, bseid coupon, bseid coupons, bseid coupon code, bseid discount codes, bseid discount coupon, bseid promo codes, bseid promo code, bseid prices, bseid sale, bseid for sale,, bseid shop coupon, Blue Sky Environments Interior Design, Blue Sky Interiors, Blue Sky Décor, Blue Sky Environmental, Blue Skies Interiors, Blue Sky Environments Interior Décor, Blue Sky Environments Interior Décor Reviews
BSEID Reviews & BSEID Coupon Codes

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