FireKing Fireproof File Cabinets Review FireKing Fireproof File Cabinets Review

FireKing Security Group is one of the premier security and loss prevention companies in America offering a broad array of innovative products designed specifically to protect our customers’ assets, people, and vital business records.

As one of America’s leading manufacturers, FireKing offers best-in-class security products for asset protection in retail, commercial, and home office environments. Our breadth of products include fireproof files and storage cabinets, safes and cash management systems, and digital video security systems. Our industry-leading solutions, along with world-class customer service and product support, enable business continuity and operational efficiency for companies large and small. FireKing Fireproof File Cabinets Review

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Safe Ratings: UL, TL, B-Rate, C-Rate, Fire

FireKing Fireproof File Cabinets Review

The following safe ratings are designed to help you make decisions about what type of safe is right for your needs.


UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an independent organization dedicated to educating businesses and the public about safety and performance of products in a wide spectrum of industries. UL has been testing and rating products for more than 100 years, and evaluates nearly 20,000 products annually. The UL rating is an indicator of product quality and certification of safety.

TL Rating

TL rated safes are combination lock safes that offer protection against combinations of mechanical, electrical, and cutting tools. Safes with a TL rating will resist abuse for a varying amount of time, depending on which classification tier they fall under, from picking tools to hand tools, mechanical or electrical tools, grinding points, carbide drills, pressure-applying devices, cutting wheels, power saws and impact tools. Some levels of TR-rated safes can also withstand welding and cutting torch abuse at certain levels.


A B-rated safe’s walls are less than 1/2" thick, and its doors are less than 1" inch thick. A B-rated safe earns its rating with the presence of a locking device. Typically, lock work and re-locks are examined when choosing a B-rated safe.


C Rate safes have steel walls that are at least 1/2” thick and doors that are at least 1” thick, as well as a lock.

Fire Rating

Fire ratings are evaluated by testing to see if safes withstand varying furnace heat for specific amounts of time. For example, the UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating means that the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350°F for at least 1 hour when exposed to external temperatures over 1700°F. A safe may have a 1-, 2-, or 3-hour time classification. Additionally, safes will be heated and then dropped from heights reaching 30 feet to test against explosions.
FireKing Fireproof File Cabinets Review
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FireKing Fireproof File Cabinets Review

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