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  • Worlds 1st Copper Infused Mattress
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  • Charity Initiative
  • Made In USA
  • Coolest Copper Mattress On The Planet
  • Best. Copper. Mattress. Ever
Watch the video below to see how we’ve developed a cooling solution within the mattress cover.

ThermoGel Finish


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  • SOFTER High density copper Infused memory foam provides a softer feel one side
  • FIRMER Flip the mattress to get a the comfort layer with a firmer feel to it.
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A Brief History of The Health Support Uses of Copper

Throughout history, healers have understood the value of copper in obtaining and maintaining optimum health. Whether topically applied or ingested, many forms of copper and copper compounds (such as copper carbonate, copper silicate, copper oxide, copper sulfate, copper chloride, etc.) were used throughout history for the treatment of disease. Copper has been used for medicinal purposes as far back as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as well as in the ancient Aztec civilization.

Ancient Uses of Copper

Layla Sleep Mattress Reviews & CouponsAn ancient Egyptian medical text, known as the Smith Papyrus (circa 2400 B.C.), mentions using copper as a sterilization agent for drinking water and wounds. Another ancient text, known as the Ebers papyrus (circa 1500 B.C.) mentions the use of copper for headaches, "trembling of the limbs," burns, and itching. The island of Cyprus provided a readily available supply of copper to Greece and is known to have provided much of the copper needed for the empires of ancient Phoenicia and Rome as well. It has also been documented that Israel's Timna Valley provided copper for the Pharaohs.

Hippocrates (circa 400 B.C.), known as the father of modern medicine (and for whom the doctor's Hippocratic oath was named) mentions copper as a treatment for leg ulcers associated from varicose veins. The Greeks also sprinkled a powder of copper oxide and copper sulfate on open wounds and treated wounds with a mixture of honey and red copper oxide.

In the first century A.D., the book De Materia Medica by Dioscorides, describes using verdigris (which they made by exposing metallic copper to vinegar steam to form copper acetate) in combination with copper sulfate as a remedy for bloodshot eyes, inflamed eyes, "fat in the eyes", and cataracts.

Evidence from the time of Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus (14 to 37 A.D.), tells us that copper and its derivatives were firmly established as important drugs. In his book, De Medicina, Celsus details numerous uses for copper, along with specific instructions for the preparation of the particular form of copper recommended for each disease or condition. Among his specific directions are a copper oxide mixture made with raisin wine, saffron and myrrh for the treatment of venereal disease and a copper mixture made with rose oil for chronic ulcers.

Pliny (23 to 79 A.D.) described a number of remedies involving copper. Black copper oxide with honey was used to kill intestinal worms and purge the stomach. In diluted form, nose drops were used to "clear the head"; eardrops relieved ear discomfort and infection, and taken by mouth it relieved mouth sores and ulcers. Diluted copper mixtures were also used for "eye roughness," "eye pain and mistiness."

The ancient Aztec civilization also used copper for medical purposes, including gargling with a copper mixture for sore throats. In ancient India and Persia, copper was used to treat lung diseases. Copper compounds such as malachite and copper oxide were used on boils and other skin conditions. Copper acetate and copper oxide were used for eye infections. Evidence also shows us that nomadic Mongolian tribes used copper sulfate, taken by mouth, to treat venereal ulcers.

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My Back is Back!
I have arthritis in my back and I have used copper products for both my back and knee in the past and they have worked. My granddaughter told me about Layla and now I am sleeping better than I've ever slept in my entire life and I can't believe that I wake up with no pain in my back or knee. The copper does work.
Is this a joke?
I ordered the mattress on my phone, it showed up two days later in a nice small box, It took all of two minutes for it to decompress, and it's literally the most comfortable thing I've ever laid on. I can't even buy shoes with such ease.
Yay Layla!
Hello fellow mattress shoppers, Dawn here from Hackensack N.J. Recently my husband and I purchased, and received in short order, our lovely Layla mattress. We immediately were impressed with the quality and overall comfort. My husband, the more finicky sleeper, absolutely adores this mattress!! He's a hard sell, so this is really saying something.

I love the fact that this mattress is both supportive and comfortable at the same time. So happy with our purchase 🙂

Still can't believe it

After a horrible shopping experience at a nearby mattress store, I found an online review for Layla. I was really sold on the copper infused memory foam since I already use copper products for my back and knee. Normally I would never spend $900 on a mattress without trying it first, but I figured since they have free returns and 120 days to try it

I have nothing to lose. The mattress is probably the best I've ever slept on, but the thing that gets me is: no stupid mattress store, no annoying salesperson, and I love how it just shows up at my door in a box. I still can't believe that it was that easy to buy a mattress on the internet.

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Layla Sleep Mattress Reviews & Coupons

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