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1. Acceptance of Terms Home Decor Reviews ("Site" or "we", "us", "our", "COMPANY"), provides public access to the our website, located online (the "Site"). The use of the our site is subject to your acceptance of this Website User Agreement ("Agreement"). By accessing, browsing, framing, using and/or linking to the Site, you become a User (defined herein) and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. When using a particular feature of the Site, you may also be subject to any posted guidelines, rules, terms of service, privacy policies, or other contractual provision as noted. In the event of a conflict between any other agreement, rule, policies, or terms of service and this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall govern. If you have any questions about this User Agreement please contact us by e-mail before using the Site. 2. Types of Users Any person accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the Site, either manually or via an automated device or program, shall be deemed a "User" under this Agreement. 3. Price Matching Rules We offer a Price Match option on almost any product. We do reserve the right to decline to match a price, but in most cases we will honor price match requests with other websites. In order to qualify for a price match consideration, the following conditions and rules must be met: 1) The product must be in-stock and ready to ship that day on the lower priced site. Backorders will not be matched and we do not match prices on items that are out of stock. 2) The item must be EXACTLY the same as the product you want to order from us. 3) We do not price match on closeouts from previous models, scratch and dent items, blems, etc. 4) Coupons and promotional codes may not be used with price matches, either from our site or from a competitors coupon. 5) Shipping prices will be met as well in the event that the lower priced site has a more expensive shipping charge. 6) The Product must be orderable online. Online advertisements are not honored unless the product can be ordered online through a secure server with a functioning shopping cart. 7) The price match must be completed BEFORE you order the product from us. No price match requests will be honored on items that have already been ordered and/or shipped. 4. Declined Credit Card and Address No-Match Policy If your credit card is declined or if the billing address you provide us does not match the billing address on file with your credit card, we will contact you via email to notify you. Please make sure that you provide an accurate e-mail address and check your e-mail after you place an order. If your credit card is declined or you do not provide a correct billing address, the products that you ordered will no longer be held for you, so it is important that you respond as quickly as possible so that we do not sell out of the item you have ordered. In the event that we do sell out, your order will be put on the backorder list and we will ship it as soon as another shipment arrives. Any order with a declined credit card or a no match on the billing address will be canceled after 30 days. After 30 days, if we have not heard from you and you wish to still receive you order, you must re-order your product. An email notification will not be sent in the event that your order is canceled after 30 days. 5. Sale Price Rules We occasionally run sales on products. Sale prices are only valid during the published time and may not be applied to previous orders (unless less than 10 days old, see Price Guarantee Rules). Sale prices are not honored after a sale has ended. 6. Coupons & Special Offers Coupons: Occasionally we offer coupons via email. Coupons are not cumulative with any other offer. Discounts are valid only on full priced items, not sale prices. Coupons have no cash value. Coupons are only valid on IN STOCK items. Any item that is marked "SOLD OUT" or "OUT OF STOCK" does NOT qualify for the coupon discount. Any coupon used on an out of stock item will be voided for that particular item and only used on in stock items. If this brings your order total below the minimum for coupon qualification, your coupon will be voided all together. Coupon Rules and Details: Coupons may NOT be applied to orders that have already been placed. The coupon must be entered at the time the order is placed. No Exceptions. Coupons & Promotions: Each coupon code may be used only one time, per household, per order. Coupons may not be used more than once by any household, name, phone number or credit card. Invalid coupon codes or coupons used on items not covered by the specific coupon code will not be honored and the order will be shipped as is without the coupon discount. Coupons will not be honored on multiple orders. If you place multiple orders with the same coupon, only one qualifying order will receive a coupon discount. All other orders will be shipped without the coupon discounts.

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