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Wicker Furniture: Outdoor Patio Furniture, Rattan Furniture for the Sunroom, White Patio Sets

Wicker Paradise Reviews - WickerParadise.com is providing supreme quality in rattan and wicker furniture. People can find this in very affordable prices. You will surely find unsurpassed customer service and knowledgeable advice. Shopping with confidence is what this company offers to people.

This company has already earned supreme service ratings. They are committed in fulfilling satisfaction of their customers in terms of outdoor and indoor furniture needs. Your living spaces will be transformed beautifully with their meticulous crafted design. Only the finest materials and items are used in every product they made. You will be guided by their supportive staff upon having your shopping. They not only promise sophistication and charm but they make it as a way of living. Wicker Paradise is an avenue for fantastic décor arrangement according to your style.

Wicker Paradise Reviews

 WHAT people say about the Wicker Paradise furniture?

• All their furniture is an example of comfort. Their sets have sparking designs to achieve dynamite room having varied choices of their designer fabrics. This company is a sure help for making your dream rooms into a reality.

• The rattan furniture offered by the company is expressing a unique classic of style and beauty within the room of your choice. By simply browsing the sets, you will definitely find a style of your own. Be amazed and get mesmerized with the company’s rattan furniture.

• The furniture that this company offers can also be used outside of your home. People are enjoying their one of a kind comfort cushions for relaxing the guests. The wide choices of their fabrics allow the people to have a wider opportunity of seeking what could be the best for their outdoor furniture. All of their outdoor products are suited in patio, porch, backyard, lanai, deck and in other spaces.

• It offers stylish and unique way in updating furniture. They make great transformation by simply using their furniture no matter how wide or small the space is. All their products will able to accommodate the entire needs, comprising the taste for design, colour, weave and style.

• The company’s designs and weaves add texture and warmth in any part of a home. There are countless of materials that this company give for the home furnishings.

• The furniture they offer is a tailored for every person’s lifestyle. More than the furniture in the mall, they have the finest quality in furnishings products. Aside from such kind of product they produce, you can also appreciate their eager customer service representative.

• They help people to have inviting kind of tropical environment thru their gorgeous dining chairs and other furniture.

This is the time to discover the advantage of Wicker Paradise Furniture. Simply enjoy their wide selection of contemporary, traditional and tropical furniture collections. Their customers’ feedbacks above simply define how they work as furniture providing company. By the time you take the furniture of Wicker Paradise you will find yourself having unparalleled charm, versatile and valuable room. Start investing your furniture that will last for a time, grab it from Wicker Paradise.

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So you’re looking for discount wicker patio furniture for sale. Enjoy our section of the best prices of wicker furniture on sale, outdoor patio wicker furniture at pre season blowout discounts! Specials so inexpensive on Lloyd Flanders wicker furniture are the perfect pickup for a last minute party or special occasion. Shop Wicker Paradise and start saving today! Shop our discount section now to enjoy preseason blowout sales unlike anywhere else. Our discounts are so extreme that some pieces make the perfect complement for your party season.

Wicker Paradise
 Wicker Paradise 1


Love shopping for wicker, but don’t always love the price? Well look no further, Wicker Paradise offers high-quality discount wicker paradise furniture for sale at a fraction of the price of retail stores. When you buy products from us, you aren’t sacrificing quality for cash. Our massive inventory allows us to offer you extremely low prices for top-of-the-line wicker in one convenient location. Even if you’re looking for a specific style or color scheme, our clearance section can offer you everything you are looking for.

If you love the look of wicker but are in need of all weather entertaining, consider vinyl wicker instead. Vinyl wicker is UV ray resistant and also fights off moisture and mildew, perfect for particularly wet climates. Because it is made out of synthetic materials vinyl wicker keeps a pristine condition even when being tested in the most extreme weather. If you’re looking for one specific or unique piece to complement the rest of your wicker furniture then why not consider our discount section? One of our individual items can turn your room into a paradise without breaking the bank. Whether you like black, white, or brown we have every style color and material you may be looking for right here in our discount section.

We update this section frequently with new items, but old items disappear too. Don’t waste any more time! Browse our clearance section today and find the right piece to make your home a paradise.

Wicker Paradise is the best place to find high-quality discount wicker furniture items. We have a variety of styles and products to choose from. In addition to offering extremely low prices on all of our furniture items, we also list frequent specials and closeout sales that drastically reduce our already low-priced items. If you’re searching for white wicker furniture items, we have plenty of pieces for sale. White wicker can complement any existing decoration scheme. The same is actually true for black wicker furniture. With a blank canvas to work with, you can add a colorful cushion and seamlessly integrate your new furniture item into the style of your existing home décor.

Outdoor furniture closeouts can save you tons of money. If you want a durable material for your outdoor wicker setup, consider vinyl wicker furniture. Vinyl wicker is resistant to UV rays and moisture. Synthetic wicker furniture is also resistant to the elements. Colors are less likely to fade in synthetic wickers, because the dyes are added to the synthetic mixture before the material is woven onto the frame. When you’re ready to save a bundle on wicker furniture, let our friendly staff of wicker experts help you find the furniture items that will fit your style, budget and durability preferences.

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Wicker Paradise Reviews

My wife and I want to extend an unsolicited compliment to all of the folks at Wicker Paradise. We were very reluctant to order wicker online. After all, one would normally sit on the cushions prior to buying. After much debate and a couple of phone calls to your customer service department with questions, we ordered the Lanai wicker collection for our new sunroom. The delivery was timely, the furniture was well packed. not a single scratch. We could not be happier with our selection of your company and the wicker furniture we purchased. Thank you for being a company that people can trust.

Janet and Bill S. LaFollette, TN

The Magic Of Wicker

Wicker will always be a timeless classic, most frequently known for intricate weaving patterns in furniture designs. Since wicker by definition is anything that is woven, the possibilities of style increases with the mix of natural and synthetic materials, variations of color and texture used in wicker production.

Wicker decor can be broken down into two types. The splash of wicker to complete a look or a full collection to give your area the commanding presence you have always wanted. The splash of wicker effect finishes off an existing look with let's say a stylish wicker chair in the perfect fabric to give you a visual "pop" needed in the arrangement. If your template is empty, going with a full set of a wicker sofa, loveseat, rocker, and wicker tables with a coordinating rug and accessories finishes the room in style.Wicker Paradise - outdoor furnitureWicker Paradise Testimonials reviews by bonefishgirl
I ordered an outdoor sectional when it arrived at my home I can't even begin to tell you what it looked like...The sectional would only fit very small children, it was a joke.Their policy information is so small that I never saw it and wish I had.

They are now making me pay for shipping both ways I was willing to pay for the return but NO now it is $400 instead of $200. I understand a restocking fee but 30% that is crazy so now they are able to keep between $1100 and $1200 dollars for nothing.

Do not ever order from this company, I believe it is out of New Jersey or New York.They can sit back and just make FREE money off of the unsuspecting customers.
Wicker Paradise Sold us Defective Furniture
Reviews by anonymous

We purchased what appeared to be a beautiful wicker set from Wicker Paradise in June 2011.The patio set consisted of 6 square chairs and 3 coffee tables with glass.

The cost of the set charged to us was $2514.00, we had a coupon discount of $251.00 net total was $2,262.00. The day of the order was June 17, 2011, we received the order on about July 10th, 2011. As we opened up each of the boxes we noticed ever one of the chairs had been bent and broken. We called the business to inform them of the damage and we were treated rudely by the person answering the phone.

In fact the conversation was hostile and was pointing blame on us. We requested to speak to a manager. The person hung up the phone on us. We then called back and asked to speak to a manager.

A woman came to the phone and said she was the manager and owners daughter, her name was Elana. We explained the damage to the products she said she would get another set out to us to replace the damaged set. The Date we received the second set of patio chairs is now July 26, 2011. Still not complete the manager had to resend the cushions we did not receive them until August 8, 2011.

Fast forward to August 2012, we called Wicker Paradise to inform them we had been out on our balcony with our family and friends and noticed that the straps were broken and falling apart. We then called Wicker Paradise and explained to them that the straps on each of the chairs were breaking apart and that it is just about 1 year ago. We spoke with Elana and she had me take photos of each of the chairs and email them to her. I took her about a week to return my inquiry.On September 13, 2012 here is her response; "I received your pictures.

Thank you for sending them to me. I see 4 chairs in this picture. I cannot see the other 2 chairs from your order. So, I need to confirm if all 6 chairs are like this.

Also, can you please take a picture of the seat of the chair without the bottom cushion on it (seat frame only)? I will then speak to my supplier if he can do anything since the furniture is warrantied 1 year from the date of purchase". Elana asked me to take additional photos and would text me asking questions like is there any labels or is there a name of the company on the chairs. I told her that there was not a label or name and that she should know where she ordered the set from her supplier why would I be looking to do her job.

September 14 we sent communications to her and asking her to let us know what she has found out. Now the 20th of September she now has me measuring the cushions??? Don't know why but we did. After still trying to reach her it is now the 26th still no response.

Finally we get and email from her on the 27th ; here is the actual email; I have spoken to my factory and have also done some research as to what we can do for you since the 1 year warranty has expired. I have chairs here that have seat cushions that are 21" wide, 24" deep and back cushions are 21" wide, 12" high. If these cushion dimensions work, I can sell you the chairs for $125 per chair, and I will also pay for the shipping costs to Colorado. If the cushion size I mentioned does not work, the chairs with cushions will cost $170 per chair.

I await your response to let me know what you would like me to do,Elana of Wicker Paradise. REALLY.....they want me to pay more money for products that were defective in the beginning and this is suppose to suffice??? Well. I we sent the following email....Elana...The defective chairs are under a year from the time of receiving the product.

Do remember that you had to send us the product twice due to shipping damages so we have had the product only one year!! If your telling me that the company is going to play on semantics I think this will be a huge problem. We have 6 chairs all 6 are falling apart. Not one chair but 6!

We did not purchase 6 chairs and 3 coffee tables 1 year ago only to be told we have to reinvest in defective chairs again. Your solution is not only insulting but it is egregious to think that I would spend $2200.00 1 year ago and then be told to spend an additional $1,020.00 to satisfy the defective product we had been sold in the beginning. Here is our resolution, the manufacturer be disclosed. Second, they replace the entire set at no cost!

I look forward to resolving this issue immediately. We have sent two other emails to Wicker Paradise without response! So today is October 17th we called the business again and asked to speak with the owner since his name is on the website. We felt as business owners ourselves we would want to know if we could resolve an issue if we could and maybe he was unaware of the problem.

We left our name and number but still have gotten NO RESPONSE.

This company is trying to split hairs of receiving the product to purchasing the product.How on earth do you determine the warranty is in affect at the time of purchasing when you do not even have it in your possession not once but TWICE.

Wicker Paradise - Rude, hung up on me
by jenniferwhite

I contacted Wicker Paradise to ask about a rattan recliner -- I asked if there were any retailers carrying the chair so I could see it in person.I asked if I could come to the New York showroom and see the chair.

I was told by the owner that he could not help in any way, he had no information to give me, he did not have one of these chairs in the showroom.

He was rude, abrupt, told me he could not help me, and hung up in my face.Why would I ever purchase anything from this store -- this was not even indifferent customer service, this was just rude and even hostile.

Wicker Paradise - Outdoor wicker furniture rusting and breaking 2 years old
by idonot

I purchased outdoor wicker furniture from Paradise Wicker April 2009.The legs on the furniture are rusting and breaking.

This was how it was advertized. "The Cape Cod outdoor wicker is woven on an aluminum frame and is suitable for total outdoor use. Set includes one resin loveseat (54w-28d-37h), 2 resin chairs (30w-28d-37h), and one oval resin coffee table with glass top (31w, 19d, 19h).

Maintenance-free wicker made for any environment including total outdoor conditions.This large deep- seating and resin wicker with wide, flat arms allows maximum comfort at a great value" I can't make complaint any longer


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